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    # 100% PurePlayer: P2P Training & Bestpractices


    # 100% Instructors: CEO & Expert track records
    # Continuous Innovative Skills Scalling




    FOR :

    # StartUp, Corporates, VCs

    # Boost, Transform, SucessStorying



    # Instructors & Mentors

    CEOs, CoFounders, Experts, we always appreciate to discuss around a coffee/tea mug ;)


    Pro : Corporates, CEOs, Investors, Regulators


    Our MasterClass formats : a Mix of Hackathon / Learning / Tips & Insights. We aim to connect your skills scaleup with business issues ! Covering a wide range backgrounds: "Fin", "Tech", "Entrepreneurship", "Governance", "Brand & Comunication", "Intercultural & new markets", "GreenFinance", "DigiRetail", etc


    Your Academy IS CoLearning (HackYourLearn :)

    EXCUBATION (ABM program for Startup & Corporate)


    Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs.


    ABM (Accelerating Business MasterClass, the MBA reverse :) is an Intensive program to scaleup your project. We considere GreenFinance, as key part of the Future of Industries.

    Your time & cash ressource is dedicated to improve your transformation: TrackAchieve at Your Best !


    Your diploma IS your business achievements (HackYourBiz:)

    YOUR TRAINING (tailor-made)


    Corporates, Institutions & Professional Organisations


    From 1 hour to monthly program, we co-design with you "What'sUp in FinTechs", directly linked to your issues & challenges. According to your budget, we'll design/produce your Training-Action directly benefit for your organisation.

    Engage your Team & Detect Talents, in a Training approach !

    SUM-UP :

    Your tailor-made approach

    What's Up Teaching !

    We're are much more

    than a PurePlayer School.


    IF Time is the money side

    for risk or opportunity

    THEN Invest in Time first


    in Financial Services?

    What's the next one ?

    Facing challenges for Startup & Corporates !


    Just have a look to our approach :

    TheFinTechSchool, The Financial LearningLab !

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    Always strive for the best ToGoNextStep !


    "Reboot Finance Smart, Share The Future"



    " Earn Tips, Earn Time, Earn The Lead"



    "Excellence / Innovation / Sharing"


    About TheFinTechSchool.com

    We act as pure player, to raiseup the new bankers & insurers, by providing accelerated training for Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs within the Financial Industry.

    Our Core contents are based on practices & state of art from the best players, so as to connect with them.

    Background experiences leading to success are key for a qualified training, clearly linked to the Business KPIs. In these accelerated waves, it's about picking-up trends, P2P live exchanges, by integrating innovative tech, business model & the glocal mindset.

    With jobs re-engineered by digital, and a deep transformation of industrial models acted globaly by the COP21, we are co-building for key emerging & responsible actors (Green Finance/FinTechs) to their success story.


    We are natively glocal teams, France based and around FinTech HotSpots.

    TheFinTechSchool.com is part of TheFinTechs.com, the vibrant & collaborative Platform, as we call it the 1st Excubator & School in this field ! 


    About TheFinTechs.com

    We provide business services : Accelerating Entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs and Qualifying key startup leaders for Investors. Acting as an "Executive Business Firm", our passion is firstly investing in Knowledge & Expertises.


    For this, TheFinTechs :

    • Build The LearningLab School, with TheFinTechSchool.com,
    • Operate investment/partnering process among key players, with FinTechVenturing


    We are PurePlayer to achieve the disruptive approach. That's why we are independent to any "established firms" and open to co-design with strategic partnership. That also makes the basis of our R&I.

    Team mindset

    Innovative approach !

    We select key actors for their quality to deliver their upgrated experiences and feedback (investors, corporate, entrepreneurs, and experts). All of them are here for you, because they enjoy exchanging with peers, interacting on challenged topic talk, in a constructive way. Our driver is based on an academic cutting approach : a startup spirit for professionnal learning and tacle the practice by linking deeper with your daily business issues.

    We believe that in the next decade, a deep process will be accelerated: the Fusion between "Entreprise" and "Academy" , making Entreprises firstly based on Continous Learning & Innovating. To Tell it in another words: "The StartUp is The New School !"

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